The new way of how we see safety and response to critical incidents starts now with the 2019 CR+M Box. Fully equipped with 3 LED Digital Signage Displays and 4 webcams, this box is the new benchmark to have your community prepared and offer real-time responses to an active shooter or critical incident. 


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CR+M Pack

The CR+M Pack provides both civilians and law enforcement with a fully-equipped portable option to be fully prepared and save others in the time of an emergency. Standard equipment for the CR+M Pack includes one ballistic shield, 25 CR+M Core Trauma Kits and basic breaching tools. CR+M Core Trauma Kits include Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT), hemostatic gauze and a pressure bandage.

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CR+M Belt

The CR+M Belt offers a practical and efficient method to quickly introduce hemorrhage control products (CR+M CORE kit), when every second counts.  Our belt comes equipped with 5 of CR+M’s CORE Kits with which can be used by both first responders and civilians.