Our Mission

To provide our products and concepts to all sectors of society so the effects of a mass casualty event like and active shooter can be mitigated to save lives when EVERY SECOND COUNTS.

About us

Active shooter / critical incidents are becoming far too common in today’s society. These incidents have occurred in every sector of our society. Research has proven that a vast majority of victims are dying as a result of the lack of hemorrhage control when seconds and minutes count most.

Jason Innella and Sean McKinney, who are currently law enforcement officers, launched a company called Community Response and Mitigation LLC (CR+M) in 2016, to help mitigate the loss of a life as a result of such incidents. Over the course of their careers, they have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of all residents throughout New Jersey. Their eye-opening experience occurred when they were tasked with developing a response plan to active shooter and hostile events to address common gaps consistent with these type of incidents.

Their research found that:

1) There was a lack of command and control procedures in the response and coordination of First Responders,

2) Law Enforcement personnel did not have proper equipment, including ballistic protection and breaching tools, at the onset of the event,

3) Lack of hemorrhage control for those critically wounded.

At CR+M, we strongly believe that due to the issues identified, lives are being lost. Our unique products have been specifically designed for any of today’s sectors to save lives when EVERY SECOND COUNTS.